Media Buys

What can we do for you?

First and foremost, AK GROWTH is a Story Media House. We tell stories that captivate your audience and make your brand stand apart from the rest. Let’s find out what that story is, and expose it to the world.

But why stories? Aren’t we supposed to have a unique selling proposition (position) in the market?

Sure, you can go ahead and work on your USP. But tell me, what happens when thousands of other companies are doing the same thing? All of a sudden you have thousands of companies with equally good USPs. Congratulations, you’re no longer positioned in the market.

The thing is, our customers are not computers. They’re not here to remember how our company does something slightly different than the next company. But what they do remember is the story we tell them. Good stories are intriguing. Great stories are emotionally involving. That’s unique.

Second, we focus on agile platform advertising. What does that mean? It means that our internet landscape is forever changing and even though Brand Z advertises on a certain platform and gets good results, it might not be the best platform for you.

Every brand has a different audience they are trying to reach out to, and unless you have millions of dollars to burn on advertising, blasting to every platform is not the wisest use of time and resources.

Our job is to find out which platform(s) your ideal demographic lives on, then grab their attention. Remember, hundreds if not thousands of other brands are trying to win over their attention as well. This is competition – but now you have the upper hand, because the brands which understand that social platforms are fluid and change with the seasons will win. What works today may not work tomorrow, literally.

-Rich AK