Welcome to AK GROWTH!

We build and grow relationships between people and brands.

We’re Not Advertisers – We’re Storytellers

No, we don’t write fiction. But we do build stories around brands that carry an emotional connection with their users.

It’s one thing to advertise your product or service. It’s another thing to tell a story about your brand.

Let’s use a real case example to make sense of this. That real case example is you.

Do you remember the last ten, five or even three ads you read? We’d like to make a bet that you don’t, and it’s not because you’re experiencing memory loss either. Advertisements have simply overstimulated us to the point where we’ve become desensitized to them.

We’re not here to build a business of single transaction consumers (if you are, click away from this site – we’d rather not waste your time), we’re here to build a brand.

The beautiful thing about a brand is that no matter which platform you go on, your customers will follow you. You become a part of their life. You share a connection. You have a story that resonates.

Advertising may be useful for the short term, but we build our businesses for the long term. So why then, are we using conflicting ways of trying to reach our customers? In a world full of businesses, we are a brand. Now that’s what we call impact.