What is AK GROWTH?

My name is Richard Akhmerov (you can call me Rich AK) and I started AK GROWTH for one very simple reason. My job is to put your brand in front of your customer. But wait, there’s more… Let’s skip all the corporate mumbo jumbo of what makes AK GROWTH better or different from everyone else, and let’s get real for a moment.

We live in a world where we’re bombarded with constant stimulus every single day. This makes it extravagantly hard to collect the attention of our customers and prospects – and truthfully, too many marketing companies would rather play on current trends, than execute upon what actually works.

AK GROWTH is not an advertising house. It is a Story Media House. Telling stories is one of the [if not the] most efficient ways of getting someone to remember your brand. No wonder we still read stories that were written hundreds of years ago. They’re intriguing, interesting, and captivating.

Now let’s combine this with proper platform execution.

If your demographic lives on Snapchat, then we focus on Snapchat. If your target audience lives on Houzz, then we focus on Houzz. Properly positioning a company is not a one-size-fits-all tactic. It is custom tailored for every brand being built. I know, crazy. How dare us not ride the hype train to nowhere.

We are battling for the attention of your customers and prospects. Once we understand this, we can get tactical and execute upon it in the most efficient way possible in a landscape that is forever changing. We’re no longer talking newspaper ads for the next 10 years. We’re talking about landscape and demographic shifts in the industry that can change overnight. The only question is, will your business stay ahead of the curve? Or will you follow along once the platforms have been saturated and beaten to death.

To stand out, you must be different – innovative marketing is for innovative companies.

-Rich AK